What Is a Dental Emergency?
By Dr. Kathryn Winkel, DDS
November 23, 2016
Category: Dental Emergency
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Would you know what to do if a dental emergency occurred. Dr. Kathryn Winkel, your Midland, MI emergency dentist, explains what constitutes a dental emergency and shares a few tips that can help you handle an emergency.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency occurs if your tooth breaks, is knocked out or becomes loose, or if you experience lacerations to your mouth or face. Dental abscesses are also considered emergencies. Loose fillings and crowns are not emergencies, although you should call the office as soon as possible during normal office hours if your filling or crown loosens.

Tips for handling emergencies

Find your lost tooth

Did you know that a knocked out tooth can often be reimplanted if you see your Midland dentist within an hour after your accident? It's worthwhile to look for that missing tooth rather than resigning yourself to living with a gap in your mouth. When you find the tooth, rinse it water and place it back in its socket. Keeping the tooth moist is essential. If you can't fit it back into the socket, wrap it in a thin layer of gauze and place it in a small container filled with water or your saliva. If your tooth is out of position, but still in the socket, gently move it back into it's normal position.

Ease your pain

All of the problems that cause dental emergencies tend to be painful. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers can reduce your pain until you arrive for your emergency appointment.

Know abscess signs

Do you know the signs of a dental abscess? The tooth infection not only jeopardizes the health of your tooth, but may also put your general health at risk if the infection enters your bloodstream. Abscess symptoms include severe pain in a tooth that increases when you put pressure on it, a pimple next to a tooth, jaw pain or swelling, fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck or under the jaw.

Call the office immediately

Don't hesitate to call the office if you experience a dental emergency. Prompt treatment is the key to saving your tooth or preventing an infection from spreading.

Are you concerned about a dental issue? Call Dr. Winkel, your Midland, MI emergency dentist, at (989) 631-6680 to schedule an appointment.